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Established 1946 Baltimore County, MARYLAND 21286 & 21234 A Covenant Community

A warm and welcoming townhome community, ideally located.

Village Renters often become Village Owners.

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What you need to know BEFORE you rent your LRV home:

Read the Covenants, By-Laws and County Code! They require that no more than two unrelated people live at the same address in LRV. All landlords need to apply for rental registration with Baltimore County and pass an inspection to ensure that their unit is fit to rent. For more information about the Baltimore County’s rental registration program, please visit the Baltimore County website. An application form, detailed information on the requirements and a 10-minute video on rental registration can be accessed from this site.

Remember that as a landlord you will be expected to ensure that your tenants comply with the covenants and county codes. You are also responsible for the up-keep of the property.

From October 2010 Crier