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Established 1946 Baltimore County, MARYLAND 21286 & 21234 A Covenant Community

A warm and welcoming townhome community, ideally located.

{ Our Houses }

Our brick Georgian colonial townhomes are spacious — inside groups measure approximately 20 ft. x 30 ft., and most end homes are 24 ft. x 30 ft. Foundations are concrete block and the interior walls are made of plaster. Many homes offer a wood burning fireplace.

Identifying features of Georgian architecture can include:

  • A 1–2 story box style, 2 rooms deep, using symmetrical arrangements
  • Panel front doors, topped with rectangular windows (in door) and capped with a crown/entablature supported by decorative pilasters
  • Cornice embellished with decorative moldings, usually dentil work
  • Multi-pane windows are never paired, and fenestrations are arranged symmetrically.

Loch Raven Village property values have remained high due in part to restrictive covenants imposed on the Village by the developer to ensure a uniformly attractive appearance and to control professional activity.