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Established 1946 Baltimore County, MARYLAND 21286 & 21234 A Covenant Community

A warm and welcoming townhome community, ideally located.

Many original owners still call Loch Raven Village home.

{ History }

Anticipating a housing demand following World War II, developer James Dorment purchased 150 acres on the east side of Loch Raven Boulevard from William Hahn, a black angus cattle farmer, for $1,100 per acre.

The first homes were built on Aberdeen Road, and were occupied in the winter of 1946-47.

In 1951, the remainder of the Hahn farm, between Loch Raven Boulevard and Pleasant Plains Road, were purchased for $2,500 per acre. In 1955, 218 acres of land west of Pleasant Plains, known as the Eudowood Tract, were acquired by the developer from the Maryland Hospital for Consumptives for $5,000 per acre, completing the community area.

The name Loch Raven Village was derived from nearby Loch Raven Dam and Loch Raven Boulevard, and the 25 streets of the village were given complementary Scottish names. A total of 1,472 homes were built.

For more than six decades, Loch Raven Village has been an outstanding neighborhood in which to live and raise a family. The all-brick construction, convenient location, and affordable prices have helped the Village maintain appeal and value.