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Established 1946 Baltimore County, MARYLAND 21286 & 21234 A Covenant Community

A warm and welcoming townhome community, ideally located.

“We’re so grateful to the COP volunteers that keep our neighborhood even safer.”
Kate and Jeff Hagen
Residents Since 2000

{ Citizens on Patrol }

Established in LRV in 2007, Citizens on Patrol is a crime prevention initiative by volunteers from Loch Raven Village and the adjacent neighborhood of Knettishall. There is little crime in the Village, and we'd like to keep it that way. Consider joining the COP team (see contact below).


This partnership between residents and police has proven effective in lowering a neighborhood's crime rate. The hallmark of a successful program is a “visual patrol presence”. That customarily involves (but is not limited to) randomly scheduled car patrols, complete with magnetic car signs and rotating yellow roof lights, identifying the vehicle as a COP participant. A monthly patrol schedule is maintained by the COP coordinator and allows for great scheduling flexibility.

Another aspect of the Village’s program is a COP email network. This promotes prompt and thorough communication between all participants. Weekly crime reports from Precinct 6 that outline “significant incidences” in Towson neighborhoods, including LRV, are available.

If you are interested in participating in this worthy program (any portion of it), please contact John Kelly, COP Program Coordinator at LRVillageCOP@aol.com.