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Established 1946 Baltimore County, MARYLAND 21286 & 21234 A Covenant Community

A warm and welcoming townhome community, ideally located.

To protect, maintain, and enhance the property values of Loch Raven Village homes, and the quality of life of Loch Raven Village residents.

{ Community Association }

The Associates of Loch Raven Village, Inc. has been an active volunteer neighborhood association since 1947. Although membership is voluntary, most homeowners become members each year.

The association is a vigilant participant in zoning matters within the Village, the community, and countywide, and provides a direct link to the government officials of Baltimore County.

Among the sponsored activities are Santa's Ride, a street-by-street visitation for the children; an Easter Egg Hunt; Community Yard Sale; Community Clean-up Day; Halloween parade; and the Greening Committee.

Dues and local advertising fund the Village Crier, the monthly community newsletter.

Citizens on Patrol is a crime prevention initiative by volunteers from Loch Raven Village and the adjacent neighborhood of Knettishall. There is little crime in the Village, and we want to keep it that way.

Meetings of the board of directors of the Associates of Loch Raven Village are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in room 102 of the Loch Raven Center located at 1801 Glen Keith Boulevard. Open positions on the board of directors may be filled by any member of the Association, and officers are elected by the board. Residents are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings, and to volunteer to help in our ongoing work “to protect, maintain, and enhance the property values of Loch Raven Village homes, and the quality of life of Loch Raven Village residents.”

Executive Committee
President Peter Moulder alrvpresident@gmail.com
Vice President Nick Linehan lochravenvillagegreen@gmail.com
Treasurer Leslea Knauff lesleak@aol.com
Secretary Susan Redpath sredpath402@comcast.net
Board Members
Colleen Carrmayercm06@yahoo.com
John Fiastrojcfiastro@hotmail.com
Jason Garberlrvcommittee@gmail.com
Gary Herwiggarysherwig@hotmail.com
Bruce Knauff 410-823-0648
Derek Kruegerdkrue09@gmail.com
Antoinette O'Donnell odonnell.lrv@outlook.com
Sue O'Neill410-823-8765
Kate Walkinshaw snairwell@hotmail.com
Committees—It takes a Village!
Architectural Review / Building Restrictions Leslea Knauff lesleak@aol.com
Nick Linehan lochravenvillagegreen@gmail.com
Gary Herwiggarysherwig@hotmail.com
Block Captains Open  
Block Party Grants Antoinette O'Donnell odonnell.lrv@outlook.com
Citizens on Patrol John Kelly LRVillageCOP@aol.com
Community Events Antoinette O'Donnell odonnell.lrv@outlook.com
Susan Redpath sredpath402@comcast.net
Gardens Nick Linehan lochravenvillagegreen@gmail.com
Marketing Kate Walkinshaw snairwell@hotmail.com
Membership Peter Moulder alrvmembership@gmail.com
Susan Redpath sredpath402@comcast.net
Real Estate Leslea Knauff lesleak@aol.com
Planning/Zoning Development Nick Linehan lochravenvillagegreen@gmail.com
Peter Moulder alrvmembership@gmail.com
Welcome Sue O'Neill 410-823-8765
School Liason Colleen Carr mayercm06@yahoo.com
Baltimore County Code Enforcement   410-887-3375
District 5 County Councilman David Marks 410-887-3384 Fax 410-887-5791
District 6 County Councilwoman Cathy Bevins 410-887-3388 fax 410-887-5791
Pet Locator Darrell Krushensky 410-823-6330
Police   911 or 410-887-2222
Sixth Precinct Significant Event Information   www.baltimorecountymd. gov/Agencies/police/pc06
Solid Waste Management   410-887-2000
Towson University
(off-campus resident complaints)
Richard Goldschein 410-704-2057


Mailing Address:
Associates of Loch Raven Village
P.O. Box 9721
Baltimore, MD 21284